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  • 2016 Sculpture
    Variation n°1, 2, 3 et 4

    Realization of the first 4 walls for the exhibition in collaboration with Roberto Batistini, "Gainsbourg Still Alive".

  • novembre 2016 Exhibition
    Chez Perl

    First exhibition of works on the theme of Gainsbourg.

  • janvier 2017 Exhibition
    Cornette de saint cyr

    Exhibition in the Cornette de Saint Cyr mansion.

  • mars 2020 Exhibition
    Galerie BOA

    First time that the variation n°4 is exhibited.

  • 2021 Sculpture
    Variations 5 et 5 bis

    Realization of the last 2 variations.

  • Juillet 2022 Exhibition
    La baule

    Latest exhibition in La Baule.


the project

Since 2016 Roberto Battistini has placed “l’homme à tête de chou” at pop icon status, putting together big names of French and international contemporary artists around a collective and evolving exhibition.

Amongst the cut-outs, collages and photo-montages, figures such as Jacques Villeglé, Hervé Dirosa and Miguel Chevalier revisit the famous pictures taken by R. Battistini in 1985 to create four-handed works.

Upon Françoise Adamsbaum’s initiative of the Keza Gallery, Lord Anthony Cahn has created miniature wall compositions directly inspired by the Rue de Verneuil. In the spirit of this contemporary melodist who combines humor, love, provocation and poetry, Lord Anthony Cahn offers his plural interpretations of what is the mythical Maison Gainsbourg. 

Six variations for six different readings of a place and a time. Faithful to the real architecture, the walls are impregnated with the imagination of a Frenchman. The relief of a life out of the ordinary is translated in the multiple layers of these walls. In echo to the singularities and interior antagonisms of the character, Lord Anthony Cahn writes, draws, paints, tattoos the walls, they place them of the famous portraits signed Battistini. Wide-eyed and with an eccentric moustache, Gainsbourg appears as Dali, whose surrealist genius fascinated him. Both facetious, these artists have left their mark on their world, their time and beyond.

Lord Anthony Cahn likes to play with appearances, and chooses to show, hide, or evoke… While one might think one has finally grasped these sculptures, one discovers one after another, words and messages hidden, like wild inscriptions, invoking the special bond with his fans. From jazz to reggae, the Gainsbourg universe is rich, and the artist multiplies his winked at us.

The sixth composition is entitled Rue de Verneuil, Variation n° 5bis. As a special piece, the shape of the mansion is outlined under the gold leaves. Lord Anthony Cahn returns to his work’ essence to highlight Serge Gainsbourg, transforming the Rue de Verneuil into a relic.