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Liège, Belgium

Participation in the collective exhibition “Extra Muros”- Organized by the Europa Expo in the museum space Calatrava at Gare Liège-Guillemins (Belgium).

From april 22  2023 to october 01 2023.


  • 2022 Paris
    Gainsb’Art at Yoxeone gallery

    Evolutionary exhibition « Gainsb’Art by Roberto Battistini », at Yoxone Gallery in Paris.

  • 2022 La Baule
    Chapelle Sainte-Anne

    Evolutionary exhibition « Gainsbourg-Dali for ever by Roberto Battistini », in La Baule.

  • 2020 Paris
    Galerie BOA

    Evolutionary exhibition « Gainsbourg-Dali for ever by Roberto Battistini » , at Galerie BOA

  • 2018 Paris
    Une à Une

    Solo Show «Une à Une», at Espace Viso co-produced by Françoise Adamsbaum and Raphael O’Campo.

  • 2017 Mexico City
    Pop Up Gallery

    Solo Show at Pop Up Gallery MX

  • 2017 La Défense
    L’Art de ne pas l’être

    Exhibition “L’Art de Ne Pas l’être” at Espace L’Alternatif La Défense, (curating by The French Art Dealer)

  • 2015 Paris
    Galerie Ligne 13

    Collective exhibition at Galerie Ligne 13

  • 2016 Paris
    Galerie Privée

    Collective exhibition at Galerie Privée

  • 2015 Paris
    Galerie Artelie
  • 2016 Paris
    Cornette de St Cyr

    Evolutionary exhibition « Gainsbourg-Dali for ever by Roberto Battistini » at the Cornette de Saint Cyr auction house.

  • 2014 Paris

    Collective exhibition « Errance » at Galerie Popy Arvani

  • 2011 Paris
    Galerie Charlot

    Exhibition at Galerie Charlot – Art work presentation and film screening Fragments of Manser Fluxser

  • 2009 Paris
    Wall Street Art

    Solo exhibition Wall Street Art, Galerie Pierre Cardin

  • 2006 Paris
    Galerie Coin-Canal

    Exhibition at Galerie Coin-Canal

  • 1999 Paris
    Annonce Légale

    Exhibition “Annonce Légale” at Galerie Dima

  • 1997 Paris
    Exposition Ecritures 2

    Exhibition “Ecritures 2”, Galerie Dark’n’wild

  • 1996 Paris
    Exposition Ecritures

    Exhibition “Ecritures”, Espace Goncourt


  • 2020 Paris
    Musée Mobile MUMO

    Artist residency at the MUMO Mobile Museum - Cultural summer device funded by the DRAC

  • 2020 Le Bourget, Paris
    Classé Monument Historique

    Project "Classified Historical Monument". Commission of a monumental work on the exterior of the Chenue building, a conservation site for large collections of works of art, located at the airport of Paris-LE BOURGET

  • 2020 Brest

    Exhibition at Comoedia in Brest (Coproduction : Keza gallery)

  • 2016 Toscane, Italie
    Poppi Deposito d’Arte

    Collective exhibition " Poppi Deposito d'Arte "

  • 2015 Paris,Toulouse
    Prix du graffiti

    Collective exhibition " Prix du graffiti " on the theme of Energy in the city (Organization: Graff'art, Fondation EDF)

  • 2007 Paris
    Femmes héroïques

    : Collective exhibition " Heroic Women " - Musée de l'Homme, PARIS - First real and virtual exhibition in the world with the help of the Ministry of Culture and Communication. Creation of the sculpture Victoria.


  • 2020 Paris

    Guest of honor at the SALON D'AUTOMNE 2020 with the Domino Full Action collective

  • 2018 Paris

    Private Choice, FIAC Hors les Murs, 6th edition. Director : Nadia Candet

  • 2017 Paris
    Urban Art Fair

    Urban Art Fair with Nunc gallery

  • 2016 Paris
    Urban Art Fair 1ère édition

    Urban Art Fair 1st edition with NdF Gallery

  • 2016 Paris

    YIA with the Gallery Au Haras d'Andromède

  • 2016 Rouen

    Art'Up of Rouen with the NdF Gallery

  • 2015 Mégève

    Biennial of Mégève (Organization Brigitte Cézanne)

  • 2014 Paris
    Biennale Next Step

    Biennale Next Step Paris, " From the icon to the hold ". Organization : Agence Conceptory


  • 2017 Monaco
    Hôtel des ventes de Monte Carlo
  • 2017 Paris
  • 2016 Drouot Paris
    Collection Philippe Bonan
  • 2014 Monaco
    Hôtel des ventes de Monte Carlo
  • 2013 Londres

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