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Basics Artisan



Basics Artisan x Lord Anthony Cahn clothing is more than just beautiful laundry, it is a work of art, born from a common desire to create a noble and artistic product. European and handmade, 100% organic, without harmful substances for a premium quality (340 g/m2): the tee shirts are unique. The production is limited to 99 exclusive pieces.

All models are screen-printed with the words “Classified as a Historical Monument”, to which is added date and original number written by the artist’s hand. Only available in pre-sale, each piece is delivered with its title and certificate of authenticity. With these tee shirts, he takes the artistic work outside its usual framework.

The quality of the materials used gives the garments durability and allows them to be passed on from generation to generation. Timeless, without fashion effect, these tee shirts convey the Basics Artisan DNA and the imprint of Lord Anthony Cahn. Energy, authenticity, encounters and no compromises: all virtues characterizing this artistic collaboration.

In this spirit, Lord Anthony Cahn has also created jackets pieces of art, halfway between
the top of the suit and the military unifor.