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" Classé monument historique " - le bourget


the projet

Monumental creation sculpted in the façade of Maison Chenue’s art conservation site, based at the Paris-Le Bourget airport.

This work depicts a cosy and intimate interior of an ancient salon, embedded in the main entrance wall of the building. An old tapestry ornamented with binoculars, enriched with a central sculpture representing a folded cardboard enhanced with gold leaf, giving it the look of a sacred relic.

As an introspection, it becomes illuminated from within, by luminous sconces intensifying the realism of an inhabited home. It is enriched by a mosaic frieze of precious marble reflecting the different ways of transportation throughout the history of mankind. 

The artist took part in the construction of this monumental project as soon as the foundation stone was laid. Despite the health crisis, this project was completed on time, thanks to the responsiveness of all the teams. Lord Anthony Cahn was able to bring his artistic value to this monumental vault of works, while adapting to the various constraints imposed by the location. 

Thanks to this project, this is all the spirit and the French heritage which are highlighted. Since 1760, the André Chenue company, has been perpetuating the national knowledge of traditional trades such as layetier-emballeurs. In collaboration with Glenn Lewkowicz’s architectural studio, the sculpture is made of a diverse range of materials, calling upon multiple trades.

Together, the techniques used give the work properties of resilience, enhanced by the passage of time, making it a work of art in its own right and one that will remain so for years to come. This innovative conservation site is directly related to contemporary creation. This dialogue between architecture and artwork, has been acclaimed in its field, being elected winner of the SIMI 2 Grand Prix.