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Lord Anthony Cahn


The artist

On January 16, 1977, Lord Anthony Cahn was born in Paris.

Shop windows, subways, construction sites, he takes the street as a palette of
endless creation and the street adopts him back.

From a not very academic training, art history to sculpture through jewelry, he
discovers instruments which inspire him.

In his work, a common thread: walls.

Passage places, past life witnesses, borderlines During his travels, the artist
transcribes, beyond the paintings, the soul and the atmosphere of each city’ walls.
Nostalgic softness of memories of a Morocco or a Brazil warm emanating from his
works, as totems loaded with history and feelings.

Brick, wood, metal, glass, Plexiglas, materials multiply and constantly renew
themselves. The aesthetics of the old advertising signs of his youth and the handpainted shop windows are confronted to the current urban landscape, invaded and
visually damaged. Scraps of posters and wallpapers are torn off, debris and end of
stocks are recovered, along frenetic energy, raising them in fragments of a
fetishized reality.

He leaves his mark on the city as a space of expression and exhibition, from France, Mexico
to the United States, from Israel to Italy, letting cultures, languages and writings
become embroiled.


The Artist

From a desire to make his own the urban landscape, the wall’s quest
takes concrete form. Since 2008, he materializes walls by
reconstructions, putting them in another dimension.
Whether miniature or monumental, indoors or outdoors, the artist
recreates places, atmospheres and lyricism found in various
streets, neighborhoods and cities which inspire him.
Those sculptures represent worn out facades, shaped, covered with
posters, graffiti, collages. Consistent with time and space, they
question and highlight paradoxes and ambivalences.
Pledge of intimacy or means of exposure, functions become
entangled. These works drawn, painted, tagged, and built like an
era, show proof of a work on memory and emotions.

I think you can still hear the footsteps of people who used to walk through the entrances of the buildings and who have since disappeared.
Patrick Modiano

Rue des boutiques obscures

Like a fragment of a vanished world, I still remember those shops where one had to enter, to penetrate, to be confronted with the purchase.
Michel Audiart

Le corps de mon ennemi

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“Rue Belmondo”

21x58x16cm – Bricks, Wood, Paint, Collage, Paper, Glass, Felt – 2022

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