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Carte blanche

Rue Belmondo


The project

A lifelong source of inspiration, Lord Anthony Cahn has created a miniature wall in connection with Jean-Paul Belmondo and his life as an artist.
Through his various films, documentaries, and archives, he pays tribute to an actor he admires. On the front, tags and graffiti bearing “BEBEL” in gold letters, as well as a 70’s cinema front plastered with two imaginary film posters created from unknown archive photos.
On the reverse side, the caulked interior of a cinema juxtaposed with a country house setting. Passion and ingenuity have guided the artistic the artistic and creative process of this artwork. 

Slide the bar to see the back of the wall…

Making the wall

“Rue Belmondo”

21x58x16cm – Bricks, Wood, Paint, Collage, Paper, Glass, Felt – 2022