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Golden Cardboard


The projet

Cluttering,  un-cluttering, synthesizing.

While our spaces are getting smaller in the cities, objectshave never been so accumulated in our daily lives. Moves are increasing and the years of life are wrapped up. 

Unpacking and emptying, the boxes put the light on what we no longer see, what we have forgotten, what we want to remember.

Shield of stranded memories, their inscriptions as instant reminiscence, these cartons preserve what we could not throw away – they protect our stories as works of art.

From this reflection, Lord Anthony Cahn creates sculptures from them, giving them the aspect of sacred relics through the use of different materials, from resin to bronze, to gold leaf.


The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa, a pictorial monument, is reinterpreted in a new way by Lord Anthony Cahn through his atypical work on gold cardboard. He elevates the material’s value as a symbol of modest arts while accentuating the august character of the engraved subject. As the viewer moves towards the work, the anachronism is revealed to offer a new perception of this Renaissance emblem