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From a desire to make his own the urban landscape, the wall’s quest takes concrete form. Since 2008, he materializes walls by reconstructions, putting them in another dimension. Whether miniature or monumental, indoors or outdoors, the artist recreates places, atmospheres and lyricism found in various streets, neighborhoods and cities which inspire him.

Those sculptures represent worn out facades, shaped, covered with posters, graffiti, collages. Consistent with time and space, they question and highlight paradoxes and ambivalences.

Pledge of intimacy or means of exposure, functions become entangled. These works drawn, painted, tagged, and built like an era, show proof of a work on memory and emotions. 

Horizon walls as a memory, belong to a common heritage, as universal supports of time. They comfort, protect and join the beings. Fallen from the sky, the artist’s contemporary vestiges crystallize a moment and an ardour.

Lord Anthony Cahn hence tries to pay tribute to what surrounds him, through a poetic and unusual language. He likes to play with dimensions and shapes, and this is this obsession for volume and depth, which drives his artistic process.

His monumental works impose on us and escape us, while the miniatures intrude and invite themselves. The artist freezes his vision of time passing, far from a blaming or accusatory statement.

To the beauty of a movement that feeds the other, Lord Anthony Cahn invites the childhood of whoever looks and whoever stops.

To ensure absolute accuracy, each of these walls is delivered with its own propriety title, as a passport to an inherent journey, a contract with time.

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No items were found matching your selection.