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A Gainsbourg Gathering – The Gourmet Gazette

ON OCTOBER 18, 2022 

Paris, France —An eye-catching and iconic exhibition is unfolding in Paris dedicated to the celebrated singer, musician and songwriter Serge Gainsbourg. The exhibition revolves around works of art composed jointly by an artist and the photographer and multi-medium artist Roberto Battistini who photographed the cult performer and writer of French song in the autumn of 1985. Gainsbourg as Dali, Gainsbourg with his legendary accessory, a Gitane cigarette without the filter, Gainsbourg as the sun.


Gainsbourg and other icons. Eric Liot/Roberto Battistini. Photo courtesy Gainsb’art. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette


Twenty-four artists, sculptors, painters, designers and a starred chef transfigured, diverted, transformed and interpreted these celebrated photographs in their own way, a re-creativity process that has been in the works for the past decade. The artist Peter Klasen was the first on board to dialogue with these portraits taking on Gainsbourg as Dali by bringing the symbolism of the Angelus of the 19th century French artist Jean-Françcois Millet. Jacques Villeglé, Miss Tic., Orlan and Eric Liot are among other artists who participated in the ambitious project.



The sculpture of Serge Gainsbourg’s Parisian home on the rue de Verneuil. Lord Anthony Cahn/ Roberto Battistini, Variation Numéro 5. Photo courtesy Lord Anthony Cahn. Handout via The Gourmet Gazette


A highlight of the show is a meticulous sculpture of Serge Gainsbourg’s home on the rue de Verneuil from Lord Anthony Cahn. The home has been a prime Parisian hot spot over the years, even when he was living there, as fans and friends could leave their own marks and tributes on the home’s outer walls which is what Lord Anthony Cahn did, covering the sculpture with his own signs and symbols and graffitis. The collector who acquires this work will also be given a property deed to the house. The house, regarded as a shrine as nothing has changed inside or outside since Gainsbourg’s death in 1991, is currently being converted into a museum. Meanwhile the show, entitled Gainsb’art, a word play on his nickname Gainsbard, is being held inside the Yoxeone Art Gallery, which is also a highly original concept store, until November 15th.


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Yoxeone Art Gallery


11 rue de la Sourdière
75001 Paris, France



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