Héroic Women : at Musée de l’Homme

In 2007, the first exhibition, both real and virtual, saw the light of day in “Femme Héroïque, une mythologie moderne”.
With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Roman goddess of victory, she is the advocate of women’s rights. She writes on the tablets the laws that protect her sisters. If little by little mentalities have evolved, women’s liberation has gone through long and difficult struggles and there is still a long way to go on the road to emancipation, in our western societies and even more so elsewhere, where gender equality is to be a reality. In the Declaration of the Rights of Women and Citizens, Olympe de Gouges wrote in 1791: “women are born free and remain equal to men in rights. However, women’s right to vote in France only dates back to 1944. The gaps are still significant and although women represent half of humanity, they are often confined in many societies to subordinate roles.


Traduction by Fiona Robineau.

Sculpture Victoria with the complicity of Line Bertin and David Gies.