A selection of walls made since a dozen years, of all formats, in Europe, South América and Asia. 

“Classé Monument Historique” Le Bourget

Lord Anthony Cahn, painter and sculptor, creates walls of various sizes, recreating places, atmospheres not devoid of poetry. 

His latest creation of impressive size reaching 14m wide by more than 5m high magnifies the façade of the prestigious Société Chenue, located in Le Bourget and intended to preserve works of art of inestimable value. 

This work represents the interior of an old lounge, boldly inlaid on the wall of the main entrance of the building. The artist uses for this purpose the representation of an ancient tapestry ornamented with binary, enriched by a central painting made of gold leaf covering a common cardboard packaging, giving it the appearance of a sacred relic. 

To this is added a mosaic of precious marble representing the various means of transport throughout the history of humanity. 

A plaque at the bottom mischievously entitled the work « Classified Historic Monument”. 

Translation by Fiona Robineau. 

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